Hello. I'm Stefan.

Senior UI/UX design consultant working from Switzerland.

Packed with 18+ years of hands-on experience in designing user interfaces and rapid prototypes for websites, SaaS and native apps.
You can call me Interaction-, Interface- or Experience Designer. I am quite flexible about titles. What I do gladly is designing digital products. Thoughtful and esthetic. I thrive when collaborating with multi disciplinary teams to solve problems and create compelling visual experiences. I practice user centered design principles basing my decisions on user needs and business goals.

Since the (re-)start of Kontour in the summer of 2016 I had the privilege of working for both – awesome companies like ITI/Straumann, MeierTobler, Eurowings, Creadi/PAX, RISCH Shoes, Gemini Data, Triboni, Beekeeper, RecruitingHUB and Neubau Portal as well as with digital Agencies like Unic, Origammi, Hinderling Volkart, Modeso, Kollektiv, 55 Weeks, DiginLab, Fern (and counting).
Collaborative UX
Kontour works with talented experts around Switzerland and Germany to offer additional services in the fields of User Experience Design such as User Research, User Testing and Content Strategy, Frontend Engineering, Text-, Photo- and Video production.
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Download the CV or connect with me through LinkedIn and XING to learn more about my career and the credits I have earned for my work.